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It is just a company t-shirt, you thought. Just throw the company logo randomly on a piece of cloth. They are made to be boring anyway. Who loves uniforms? Unfortunately, (or perhaps most fortunately) uniforms are no longer made to be a bore, especially company t-shirts. As they are a part of a rather informal uniform, they are a bit loose on the formality.

This is also fuelled by a company’s branding and marketing. However it does not mean a strict and ‘old-fashioned’ branding is an exclusion from having a good design on a company t-shirt. After all, the employees should at least love them to wear them always.

T-shirt design much like any other designs have their own basic principles of a good design, in addition of being creative in it. Although it goes interchangeably with fashion sense and other factors, it is a good idea to at least use them as a guideline when designing a company t-shirt. (or any t-shirt for that matter) As the principle of design is rather long, only three will be stated here.

One of it is that the design must be true. True to the companies’ branding that is. It would be awkward and destructive if the design goes against the company’s nature. In fact, going against it will destroy the company’s branding building.

Another principle is composition. A design may be busy or simple, or it may look awesome or boring and all of that owes to the composition. Making a design really pop out and interesting requires a good composition, not just good visuals. Even if it is just a logo, a good composition will ensure the logo will get a good placement on the t-shirt, allowing a maximum usage for advertising and branding.

The last one is colour. The number of colour used will determine the end cost, while the colour choice will make your design either brilliant or dull. Choose well and be sure to match the company’s branding and demands.


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