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Uniforms are pieces of clothing that represent an organisation, distributed by a uniform supplier and thus, are mostly worn by its members while partaking in an activity by the organisation. It was made to symbolize the organisation as in branding and to create a sense of team for the members. Although it serves an important purpose, uniforms tend to have a notorious reputation for being boring.

Some say that while these uniforms represent a state of equality, it represses creativity and self-expression. One of the ways to eliminate this is by having a customised t-shirt for an organisation. Sure, it will still be a uniform but at least it will break the repetitive daily formal uniformed days. One can at least be individual in the way of having a unique customised t-shirt that has one’s name or numbered position.

Wearing a customised t-shirt instead of a full uniform for some activities organised by the organisation may be more appropriate. One such activity would be the organisation’s family day. It will invoke the same feeling of uniformity and belonging but at the same time, allow the members to be at ease and not be thinking about work. It will also allow the members to feel more comfortable when doing fun activities as t-shirts are lighter and easier to move in.

Having uniforms will eliminate the possibility of unnecessary competition. Instead of competing who dressed better, the members will be able to channel that competitive spirit into work, driving them to be more focused and better at the workplace. However, having a choice will give them a feeling of being appreciated. It will make the members feel they are not just robots, but members of an extended family. In turn, this will make them feel they belong. The sense of loyalty will spur the member to improve.

There are reasons for uniforms to be as they are. But a little choice and creativity would never hurt anyone. In fact, they are good for the growth of the organisation at large.


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