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Although it is only a recent occurrence to find people wearing customised t-shirts. From school children to young adults and even adults, people wear it everywhere. Either for events or just for fun, the t-shirts are notoriously famous. Case example is the trend of using the ‘I am...’ – a copy of a famous camera brand design. It proved a point on how branding affect the public, even though this may not be in the way the company expected it to be.

Regardless of that, there are reasons why a company creates t-shirts for their employees (and why the trend is spreading in a bigger area).  First of all is the fact that the t-shirts are uniform. The sense of uniformity makes one feel (or at least look) as a part of a team. It shows a label to the people, that one belongs to a flock. By being uniform, it will also create a sense of teamwork.

Another reason to have a custom company t-shirt is for advertising. None of those who wore the trending “I am...” t-shirt knows that they are doing a free advertising for the brand, although they are in a way, doing a copyright infringement. By wearing a company t-shirt or basically anything with a company logo, one is actually taking the post of a walking signboard. The logo will be promoted everywhere the person walks.

Lastly, the uniformed t-shirt works as a part of company branding. Keep in mind that small things like this will in fact; build a brand as a visual is more acceptable and prone to be more memorable than text.

In a nutshell, having a company t-shirt will break the monotonous days of boring shirts and ties. It serves as a good advertising and who knows, if you are lucky, it might turn out viral.


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