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T-shirts are a common and popular clothing choice for the masses. They are simple, easy to wear and can be styled with other clothing and accessories. Although they are used to be associated with nerds, underachievers and slobs, the versatility of the apparel is catching up in popular culture, especially among teens and young adults. Plus, with advancement of technology and birth of good, affordable and simple to use design software coupled with the ease of access for custom printing made it a trend nowadays to customise t-shirt and wear it frequently as a part of the wardrobe.

More often it is for group events, such as company t-shirts, class t-shirts, seminars, raves and family reunions – to name a few. These t-shirts are done as a memoir to the events and by wearing the t-shirts outside, one is promoting it by stating that one had been (or still am) a part of it. Sometimes, local shops may use customised t-shirts to promote a place and create souvenirs for tourists – a source of income for the sellers.

To create customise t-shirts, one must have a design. Design may range from the aesthetic experimental, weird and messy look for the edgy teen to the crisp, clean and professional look for company t-shirts. A design is an expression of the designer, driven and shaped by the client’s (if they are paid to be making designs) needs and wants.

The design will then be sent to a company or shop that offers the service of t-shirt printing. There are several ways for the t-shirt design to be printed or sewn on the t-shirt, depending on the design and suitability of technique.

However, most shops that offer the service will only accept orders in bulk, due to technicalities. It is cheaper though, to print it in bulk, as such getting the t-shirt in bulk from the t-shirt supplier may reduce the cost.


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